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Silva Road is a boutique family owned winery that produces beautifully crafted organically farmed wines. The Silva family sought a vineyard that could provide roots for a multi-generational family wine making enterprise.  Our homey estate is located along the headwaters of the Russian River in the Redwood Valley AVA.  We use our family generations as inspiration for our environmentally safe farming practices and guilt free indulgence.  With care and guidance of our vineyard managers, the vines have flourished and have made stunning wines with a reputation alongside the bold Napa cabs.

What is the meaning of 'Silva Road'?

The word 'Silva' is derived from the Latin word 'Silva', meaning 'forest' or 'woodland'. There is some argument on the origin of the word 'Road', though the established meaning is a’ thoroughfare’, ‘route’, ‘journey’ or ‘way’.

Who is making our wine?

All of our wines are lovingly crafted by our extraordinary Wine Making Team with loving and attentive support by the entire Silva Family.


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